How to Prep for Painting with a Spray Gun

6 December 2016
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Painting large commercial buildings is much easier if you use a pneumatic spray gun. These guns are surprisingly easy to operate. When you use a spray gun, you are able to quickly cover the majority of the walls. You have to do a lot more prep work before you can spray. This article explains the best products and materials for masking off before painting with a spray gun. Overall, if you sufficiently mask off your area, you will end up with better results and a cleaner paint job. Read More 

Preparing The Room: How To Get Ready To Make Painting A Room Easier

18 July 2016
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If you're not much of a repair person, you can still try some basic home remodeling with success. If you are interested in painting a room, but you aren't sure where to start, a guideline on how to get ready can help you do a great job on painting a room over. From cleaning the walls and ensuring the paint adheres properly to measuring the space to determine how much paint you need, being prepared will help make painting a room a relatively easy project to complete. Read More 

Flipping A Home? 5 Reasons To Invest In Exterior Painting

25 January 2016
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Flipping homes can either be a profitable hobby or a full-time career, but both come with the challenge of fixing up a home so that it is more inviting to potential buyers without spending a fortune in the process. An easy way to alter the way that a home looks is through getting exterior painting done. If you are uncertain about the impact that painting can do in a home you intend on selling, consider some of the following benefits. Read More 

The Abcs Of Handling An Exterior Painting Project With Children

22 January 2016
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With busy little hands and ever-curious minds, any home project is bound to be a bit of an extra hassle when you have little ones on the premises. This is especially true when it comes to any kind of project that involves paint, even if the painting project is outdoors. If you are planning an upcoming exterior painting project, it is best to get prepared in advance by educating yourself about some simple rules to keep those little hands you have hanging around from getting into something the shouldn't. Read More 

Choosing The Right Color For Your Business

21 January 2016
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If you own a small business and it's time for a change, then you may be thinking about new colors to paint it. If this is so, there are several things you should consider before you pick the right colors. This article will go over some areas of concern so you will have an easier time selecting the paint that portrays your business in the right light. Is your building separate from others? Read More