How to Prep for Painting with a Spray Gun

6 December 2016
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Painting large commercial buildings is much easier if you use a pneumatic spray gun. These guns are surprisingly easy to operate. When you use a spray gun, you are able to quickly cover the majority of the walls. You have to do a lot more prep work before you can spray. This article explains the best products and materials for masking off before painting with a spray gun. Overall, if you sufficiently mask off your area, you will end up with better results and a cleaner paint job.

Masking Off

The key to masking an office is to be thorough and cover everything, even if you aren't sure that paint can get on some things you cover. When painting outside, even a little bit of wind can spread the overspray several yards. First of all, it is a good idea to paint on a day when there is little to no wind. If you try and skimp on the masking off, you will end up spending more time cleaning up overspray when the job is done.

Taping Off

It is very important that you get the right type of tape for your surface. Most companies that make painter's tape now make a variety of options for different surfaces. For instance, you shouldn't use the same tape on stucco that you use on hardwood. Not all blue painter's tape is the same, so read the label.

First, firmly tape off all of the window and door fixtures and trim that you don't want to paint. Then, you will want to use a masking gun with painter's paper that is least at least 1' wide. This disperses the tape directly onto the paper. If you tape the paper directly onto the tape you applied to the trim, things will be much easier. It is much harder if you try to just use the masking tape to cover your trim without putting down the first row of tape by itself.

Using Painter's Plastic and Paper

You will also need some painter's plastic to cover things around the base of the wall you are painting. For instance, the plastic can be draped over large bushes, air-conditioner units, and perimeter fences. Cover the pathways and floors around your walls with thick construction paper. Make sure you securely tape the paper down to the ground; otherwise it will slip around while you walk on it.

In conclusion, to thoroughly mask off your property before painting it, you will need a mask and gun, construction paper, painter's plastic, and the appropriate painter's tape for your wall surface. Talk to a company such as Absolute Painting for more tips or for professional help.