The Abcs Of Handling An Exterior Painting Project With Children

22 January 2016
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With busy little hands and ever-curious minds, any home project is bound to be a bit of an extra hassle when you have little ones on the premises. This is especially true when it comes to any kind of project that involves paint, even if the painting project is outdoors. If you are planning an upcoming exterior painting project, it is best to get prepared in advance by educating yourself about some simple rules to keep those little hands you have hanging around from getting into something the shouldn't. There is a simple ABC rules set to keep in mind about keeping kids out of trouble during an exterior painting project.

Always let the professional painter know that you have kids in the house.

Just to be on the safe side, make sure you let the person you hire to do exterior painting know that you do have kids in the house. They may not have time to do a lot of watching, but what they can do is make sure they keep painting supplies out of easy reach when possible and take extra caution while they work. Offer to set up tables so they can situate their painting supplies up off the ground and be sure to discuss with the painter what type of paint they will be using and if fumes will be an issue.

Be sure to keep a close eye on the kids even after the painter has left for the day.

Painting the exterior of your home may be a project that takes several days to complete. Therefore, even after the painter has left for the day, there will likely be scaffolds, ladders, and other tools hanging around. Plus, kids and wet paint don't usually mix well. It is usually a good idea to minimize outdoor activity while the project is underway and even after work has ended for the day or weekend. Plan ahead with indoor activities to keep the kids occupied or plan a few outings, like a trip to the park or play date with a friend somewhere other than at your house.

Carefully stay alert to paint fumes inside of the house.

While the painting project is taking place, make sure you keep your windows and doors closed as much as possible. Most professional painters will use some type of spray paint when they paint the exterior of your house. The paint fumes can get overwhelming if they make it inside of the house in even small amounts and your children will be more sensitive to these odors than you are because or their smaller respiratory systems. If you are keeping the windows and doors closed and still experience strong fumes, it will be best to pack up the kids and head out until the project is complete.  

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