Choosing The Right Color For Your Business

21 January 2016
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If you own a small business and it's time for a change, then you may be thinking about new colors to paint it. If this is so, there are several things you should consider before you pick the right colors. This article will go over some areas of concern so you will have an easier time selecting the paint that portrays your business in the right light.

Is your building separate from others?

Even if you own your building outright, you still need to consider how close you are to other businesses. If it looks as if you are all part of one complex, then it's best to stick with the same colors as the others. If they all have differing colors, then you have the freedom to go with any color you choose to be a good fit for your business.

What business are you in?

The colors you paint the exterior of your business can help you to capture the right type of attention for yourself. It can call to a certain group of people, your target market, and make it easier for them to find your place the first time.

If you run a children's daycare center, then you can paint the building white and give it a colorful trim with primary colors. If you run a nursery, then you may want to give it a light green paint job with a darker green trim. For a waterfall sales business, you can go with gray and blue. For a restaurant, you may want to stick with an earthy tan and brown that gives the place a nice, neutral look that customers can expect a professional atmosphere.

How close are you to the street?

It may not seem that the distance from the street would matter when it comes to the color you paint the building, but it can. If you are quite far from the street then you want to paint it so it stands out and can be easily seen from those passing by. For example, if you have a business that's set far back from the street and it's surrounded by gray asphalt, then you want to stay away from darker colors and consider white or another bright and light color. If it's set far back and surrounded by dirt, then tans would not be the best choice.

By thinking through the color of your business carefully, you will have a better chance of choosing one that helps you become even more successful.

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