Flipping A Home? 5 Reasons To Invest In Exterior Painting

25 January 2016
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Flipping homes can either be a profitable hobby or a full-time career, but both come with the challenge of fixing up a home so that it is more inviting to potential buyers without spending a fortune in the process. An easy way to alter the way that a home looks is through getting exterior painting done.

If you are uncertain about the impact that painting can do in a home you intend on selling, consider some of the following benefits.

Major Difference in Curb Appeal

Since the front of the home is the first thing that potential buyers will see, it makes sense why you should invest a lot of time into landscaping and sprucing up the front. In fact, exterior painting can give the home such a different look that it will appear entirely different than in the previous listings pictures—making the home even more attractive to buyers.                    

Finishes Up Any Repair Work

Since doing repairs to siding can be done in only a few hours, it makes sense to tackle this project when fixing up the home for flipping. After the siding has been repaired, a fresh coat of paint can be applied so that the project feels finished.

Helps Fit the Home into the Neighborhood

In older neighborhoods, it is not uncommon to see that some of the homes do not match each other due to frequent remodels and differing tastes. If the fixer-upper home that you have purchased is the outlier, consider using paint as a way to help the home fit in better.

Great Way to Make the Home More Environmentally-Friendly

In many cases, an older home could be harmful to the environment if the paint is old. Any chipped off paint could contain chemicals that are harmful if they find their way into the water or near your pets or children. Removing the old paint or simply painting over it with an eco-friendly choice of paint will make a big difference in improving how environmentally friendly the home is—a quality that many buyers are looking for.

Adds Some More Durability to Your Home

New exterior paint can even help improve the durability of your home, due to its resistance to mold and mildew. This can make the home even more appealing to buyers when you're looking to flip the home quickly.

As you explore the benefits of painting the exterior of the home, you'll quickly see how it can help the house sell for more. Hiring a professional, like Octavio's Painting, LLC, can help ensure that the painting is done right and in a timely manner.