3 Reasons It Can Be A Great Decision To Get Painting Done When It’s Warm Out

9 September 2019
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Having painting done in your home can come with the opportunity to greatly improve the way your home looks, as well as make sure that you're covering up any damage that can be frustrating to see in your home. If you have been thinking about getting the painting done for a while now, you may be curious about exactly when you should be scheduling to have the painting done so that the results can fit your expectations. Read More 

Bought A Fixer-Upper Home? 2 Tips To Get The Outside Looking Great

19 July 2019
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If you purchased a fixer-upper home, you likely have a lot of work to do to get it ready to move in. Part of this work is outside, such as the house itself, the landscaping, and more. Below are two tips to help you get everything started. 1. Exterior House Painting Because the home is a fixer-upper, the paint on the outside likely doesn't look well at all. If not, you should paint it. Read More 

3 Tasks To Prepare Your Home For A New Exterior Paint Job This Spring

6 April 2019
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Painting your home will also help protect your home from damage while increasing its curb appeal and the value of your home. It is a great way to refresh your home and to make your home feel like new. Before you paint your home, you need to get your home ready. #1 Get Rid of Mildew Mildew often occurs on the outside of homes, so it must be removed before you can paint the exterior. Read More 

Why Hire Professional Painters To Paint Your House?

23 February 2019
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You want to give your home a new coat of paint. Whether you are painting the interior or exterior of your property, hiring a pro to do the job is the best way to go. Even if you have done minor painting projects before, painting your home is not something you want to do on your own. Here are reasons to hire a professional painter to paint your home. You get input as far as paint colors Read More