3 Tasks To Prepare Your Home For A New Exterior Paint Job This Spring

6 April 2019
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Painting your home will also help protect your home from damage while increasing its curb appeal and the value of your home. It is a great way to refresh your home and to make your home feel like new. Before you paint your home, you need to get your home ready.

#1 Get Rid of Mildew

Mildew often occurs on the outside of homes, so it must be removed before you can paint the exterior. It can be easy to clean away the mildew on the side of your home with a little bleach. Mix bleach with water and apply the solution with a pump-sprayer. This is a sprayer that you can attach to a hose. Spray the formula onto your home and allow it to sit for at least twenty to thirty minutes, then rinse the formula off the side of your home. This process should kill and remove the mildew on the side of your home.

#2 Clean the Outside of Your Home

Next, you must clean the exterior of your home even in areas where mildew wasn't an issue. It is important to have a clean work surface before applying new paint.

Use a pressure washer and some environmentally friendly soap to clean your home. Use long-handled brush  to scrub the walls and remove the dirt. Spray your home, scrub the walls, and then rinse everything away. This will remove built-up dirt and some loose paint from the exterior of your home.

This is something you want to do in advance of painting, as your home needs time to air dry before you apply new paint.

#3 Get Rid of Loose Paint

Finally, you need to get rid of the remaining loose or blistering paint from your home. Most loose paint should be removed through the above cleaning process.  There are a few different methods for removing the loose paint from your home. You can use a wire brush to brush away the loose paint or you can use a paint scraper to remove it.

If you want to paint the exterior of the home this spring, you need to remove any mildew from the home, clean the outside of your house to get rid of all dirt, and get rid of any loose paint. When the outside of your home is more properly prepared, the paint job will look more professional. Contact an exterior painting service for more help.