Painting Your Business? Colors to Consider

22 October 2018
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Painting your business—either its interior or the outside—should be given a lot of consideration. Choosing the right color scheme for your commercial painting project can give your building a greater appeal and can help draw in customers.

You want to choose colors that will remain timeless so your business remains relevant and doesn't appear dated to your customers as the years go by. Consider these classic colors—and a few shades that are a bit outside the box—to paint your business. Your painter will help you select colors that are best for your needs.

Eggshell white

What makes eggshell white a great color for your business is the fact that the shade is a basic neutral that isn't a stark white. This means the color can be used in any area of your building without appearing overwhelming or boring. Pair eggshell white with other neutral shades, such as sage green, soft yellow, or a light ocean gray for a clean and timeless appeal that is pleasing to the eye.


Blues, in general, are safe colors to use since most shades of blue are calming and comforting. Blue-gray is a darker version of light blue but isn't as dark as ocean or navy blue, making this shade ideal for a front entryway or the outside of your building.

Classic red

Red is known to be a powerful color in marketing and is aggressive enough to draw the eye but pleasing enough to not be overpowering. The key to using red is to use this color for accents and to choose a shade of red that is blue or black-based, not yellow or orange. Consider red for main lobbies or for an accent wall in rooms that are primarily white.

Slate gray

This darker shade of gray makes your larger building look more defined and detailed, so use this shade for the outside of your business. Slate gray is professional without being a true black in color, making this color ideal for any type of business you have if you want to appear professional but not overwhelming.

There are many shades you can use to make your business stand out. Your painter will use your current business's color scheme and building design to help you choose the best colors for your business. Always hire a professional painter to revamp your business for a clean, sophisticated paint finish you can enjoy for years before retouching.