This House Needs A Fresh Coat Of Paint: How To Effectively Prep For The Painters

17 September 2017
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 If you're going to be selling your home, one of the first things you should do is take a good look at the paint. If it's left your home looking weather-beaten, or several years older than it actually is, you might want to give it a fresh coat of paint before you put it on the market. Not only will a fresh coat of paint improve the appearance of your home, it will also increase the resale value. Read More 

How To Remove Mold Before Painting Your Walls

13 February 2017
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Painting a wall that has any sort of mold buildup requires extensive cleaning and prep work. Some people think that they can just paint over the mold to hide it and solve the problem. This is never a good idea. Not only can the mold still grow underneath a fresh coat of paint, it can also cause the paint to peel away over time. If anyone in your house suffers from allergies or health problems caused by mold, it is very important that you properly remove the mold before painting. Read More