How To Paint Asphalt And Concrete

14 June 2018
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There are many different ways you can paint lines on your asphalt or concrete. Obviously, the best method not only depends on what surface you have but also what you need your lines for. This article compares permanent latex lines with traditional paint lines.

Paint Lines

Traditional paint lines are always going to be cheaper and easier to apply. Basically, a special spray paint is used to stripe the ground. This paint is applied using a striping machine, which is an affordable tool that might be worth investing in if you have the need to paint a lot of lines. Stripers are also helpful if you are always changing your lines. Traditionally, a spray paint finish is not gonna last long is an actual latex line.

On top of this, there are various different levels of permanent paint. There are even some products that are meant to be temporary, which are ideal for surfaces that need to be repainted and changed frequently. But, if you do want a permanent line, and you just use a liquid-based spray paint, you will need to reapply it quite often. This also depends on how often the paint is walked on or driven over.

Latex Lines

When it comes to roads and parking lots, it is usually better to use a latex stripping. Latex striping paint is a thick coat that completely changes the texture of the surface. The paint line will be smooth and shiny, no matter what surface you are painting on top of. This results in a far more permanent finish.

Latex stripes need to be professionally applied because they require special tools that most won't have access to. Latex products are often heated up as they are applied to fortify them. When the latex is poured, and the line is created, it dries to be hard and smooth. It can bond very well with pretty much any type of asphalt or concrete. You don't have to worry about the line chipping or fading like you do with paints.

In the end, paint lines are usually better for temporary uses, and surfaces that are just walked on. But, a stronger latex stripe is going to be better for most heavy duty, high traffic roads, and parking lots. Of course, latex finishes will cost more, but they will last longer so they might still be the most cost-effective choice in the end.

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