4 Things To Consider When Planning For Parking Lot Line Striping

20 April 2018
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Line striping for your company's parking lot may seem like a simple enough concept, but there's more that goes into simply painting lines on the pavement. Here, you'll get a few ideas of what you should consider before having the lines painted in your lot.

1. Previous Lines

Are there lines that were previously painted but have since faded? If so, did the parking arrangement work out well? If the arrangement of the previously painted lines worked well for the parking lot, then, all that needs to be done is a fresh coat of line paint on top of them.

If there have been accidents or crowding, it's probably in your best interest to have a new design layout painted. Think about the things that went wrong with the last arrangement, discuss them with the line painting crew and have them make the necessary changes to keep everyone safe.

2. Size of the Parking Spaces

Nobody enjoys trying to get in and out of their cars when they have someone parked right on top of them. If you are struggling to determine how large the parking spots need to be, get in your car, park it in a spot and open both the driver's and passenger's side doors. There should be plenty of room to open both doors and even move around the doors without worrying about bumping into the car beside you.

3. Angle the Spaces

When you're working with limited space, you may need to angle the parking spaces to make it easier to pull in and back out of each spot. When parking lots are narrow, it is difficult to swing out far enough to get into a parking space without dinging another car. The angled spots make it possible to get into a space without swinging the car out, so you'll be able to get more parking spaces in a smaller lot without having as many issues with dings and dents.

4. Handicap, Veteran, and Expectant Mother Parking Places

Reserving some of the parking spots closest to the door of the building can go a long way in making things easier for those who struggle to get around. There may be a required number of handicap spaces that you need, so check with the professionals helping you with the paint work.

If you have any questions about the layout of your parking lot, contact a line striping company like Elite Line Striping. They will be happy to assist you in making the best possible choices for your situation.