Surefire Ways To Make Your Walls Absolutely Sensational

19 January 2016
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Are you looking for a way to add "life" to your walls? If so, you may be considering replacing neutral shades such as ivory or beige with a more vibrant or bright color. Although changing the solid color of paint in a room could effectively make it more interesting, there are a number of other paint techniques that may offer uniqueness and intrigue. The following are a few  that can add pizazz to the rooms in your home.

Sponging and Texturizing

This  technique involves using a sponge applicator to apply paint to walls. A combination of several colors may be used to create a unique pattern. For example, incorporating metallic colors into the color scheme can be used to intensify the sponging pattern or match existing metallic colored decor.

Texturizing involves the use of a specialty paint product. It can hide blemishes such as nail or thumb tack holes. The type of texture achieved will be based upon the selected tools used to create the texture markings. A variety of non-traditional painting utensils can be used to create interesting textures. For example, a small rake tool for gardening can be used to create texturized lines. 

Color Washing

This is an ideal painting technique if you enjoy metallic colors. It results in a finish that resembles aged patina. The process involves using a dark colored glaze as the base, which is then topped by a light-colored glaze. This is an ideal technique if you are interested in a culturalistic, antique or scholar-inspired room appearance.


You might be interested in this painting option for rooms that you want to display the name or other information pertaining to a room. For example, you may want to make a reading nook area more interesting by getting an interesting quote from one of your favorite books or an inspirational quote painted on the wall.

Premanufactured lettering can be purchased by the sheet in a variety of fonts. Application processes are similar to applying wallpaper. For the most authentic lettering, a variety of brushes can be used to paint the desired fonts onto walls. Hand painted lettering also offers more flexibility if other features are desired such as a shadowing illusion or a color trim added around the lettering. 

A professional painter, like Kucker Haney Paint Co, is the best resource to use to ensure that you get the most professional finish for specialized painting techniques. They are also ideal because you will likely have the chance to review samples of what the paint project will look like in advance. If none of these paint techniques are ideal for you, a painter may be able to come up with something that is even more unique for your living space such as a hand painted mural.