3 Awesome Ways That Painting Contractors Can Personalize The Walls Of Your Baby's Nursery

12 January 2016
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When it comes to painting the walls in your nursery, you likely have something specific in mind. However, a lot of the time you either don't have the talent, the materials, or the time to paint the nursery yourself. This is where painting contractors come in. The painters you hire will be incredibly talented when it comes to painting, and will have all of the tools and time that they need to create a gorgeous nursery for you. Whether you want something extravagant or basic, they will be able to make it come to life for you. This article will discuss 3 awesome ways that painting contractors can personalize the walls of your baby's nursery. 


A paint design that is fairly basic, but perfect for a nursery, is stripes. You can have these stripes painted on all of the walls in the nursery, or you can pick and choose which walls have the stripes. The painting contractor that your hire will come in, and help you to pick out the colors and types of paint that you would like. They will be incredibly helpful because they will show you a variety of paint samples so you can see what the actual paint looks likes. The will then take the time to measure and tape your walls so that the stripes are all the perfect width apart. The tape will stop the paints from overlapping, creating crisp lines for each of your stripes. 


If you have a certain theme that you are going for in the nursery, then stencils can really help you to achieve this look. The painting contractor that you hire will either bring in different stencils to see which ones are right for you or you can have them use the stencils that you have purchased. Stencils can create anything from trees and animals, to gorgeous damask patterns on the walls. The great thing about stencils is that they allow the painting contractor to make each image look exactly the same and lessens the possibility for error. 

Freehand Painting 

As stated briefly in the introduction, many freehand painters are incredibly talented. Because of this, they can create freehand paintings on your baby's nursery walls that you couldn't even dream of painting. You will want to sit down with your painting contractor and explain to them exactly what type of paintings you are envisioning on the nursery walls. From there, your contractor can draw up sketches for you until they are perfect. They will then freehand these paintings on your wall, giving you your dream nursery. However, keep in mind that this will likely take more time than other types of painting due to the detailed work your contractor is doing for you. 

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